Betting vs Sports Prediction: What’s the Difference?

In sports betting, there is usually a difference between the approaches of those who bet just for fun, playing for fun, and those who consider bets as earnings, investing their time, knowledge and money. At the same time, almost everyone forgets about such a concept as sports forecasting, but it also exists and occupies its own niche. Let’s understand what it is and what is the difference between this direction and rates.

Sports predictions are sports predictions where you do not risk money. You can be an expert or a site forecaster, you can participate in betting tournaments and contests, test ideas on some tracking not to attract investors, but these will be those bets where money is not at stake – yours or your subscribers, if you you are sending out. And this is the most important principle: if money is not at stake, then this is forecasting – it has a different psychology and even philosophy. And what is the difference, we will tell in this material.

Why betting is different

Bets from sports forecasting differ directly, in the first case you risk money, and in the second – no. Surprisingly, money greatly affects the style of the player, I already wrote earlier how big money affects the style of the player, but even a couple of hundred at stake can change your game, because it’s a pity to lose them, but simply to make a mistake in the forecast is not.

It follows from this that the player is usually much more careful in betting. On the one hand, this helps him, but on the other hand, it hinders him, since there are many players who have a profit of thoughts that is more profitable than selection.

And the fact of the money put in any case fetters thoughts, pinches the player, there is already a budget and freedom of choice is limited. While betting on paper, you can not restrain yourself.

Benefits of Sports Prediction

Sports prediction is an excellent simulator and a litmus test of your capabilities. If your forecasts are critically negative, then you need to bet only on holidays in order to avoid unnecessary losses. Whereas the positive profit of your forecasts gives a signal that, maybe, you will succeed in betting. But it is important to understand that success in sports predictions and betting are not identical concepts. As mentioned earlier, there is a bankroll in the bets, and therefore the budget of your actions; taking everything that you can play “on paper” will not work, or you will have to lower the bet size to such an amount that the winnings will not be noticeable.

In sports forecasting, you do not risk money

Also, if we consider sports forecasting within the framework of competitions, then your style is often adjusted to the format of the competition, as a rule, you need to take more risks – are you ready to do the same when your money is at stake? Most often, the answer will be negative.

But the main thing is that in sports forecasting you will fill the base, you will see what bets and what sports are better for you. Then you will enter the world of betting as a much more prepared player, having gone the way of a young fighter, without risking your own funds.

Nuances of sports forecasting

When you’re new to betting or have lost confidence after a losing streak, it’s often tempting to take advantage of other players’ bets. In various betting competitions, such bets are available to the public even before the start of the match. Agree, after all, it is logical to play some thoughts of the leader of the rating or a successful forecaster on the site. Sometimes this can work, but you definitely need to know the motivation behind his bet. It’s good if there is a description for the bet and you read the logic of the forecaster’s judgments. Since it often happens that a player or an expert on the site takes too much risk in order to become a plus or a leader in the rating.

When there is a “must” or “can be checked” wording, then this is definitely not your bet to regain confidence or take the first trial steps in betting. It needs a different level of argumentation, a bet that you can believe that it will be in reality, as described in the forecast.

Sports prediction with betting has only a few similarities, there is an event and quotes for it. Otherwise, there are much more differences, especially with regard to “money management” and psychology, and this is almost the most important thing in betting. Therefore, do not be deceived by successes “on paper” or in competitions, it will be much more difficult in bets. All profit!